We offer Stand on Liquid "Chelan Air" 12'6" Inflatable Stand up Paddleboards. The Inflatable board has the ability to roll up when deflated and stowed away in a large travel size rolling bag. This is handy for those who are looking to go adventure but don't have the means of traveling with a large board strapped to the top of their vehicle. the total weight of the entire set up is 38 pounds when stored in the bag with all the required gear. The gear that comes with the rental set up includes..Board, paddle, pump (to inflate), leash, FIn, life jacket, and Invasive species permit. All you need is a DESTINATION!!


We also offer Stand on Liquid and Latitude 44 SUPS. the sizes range between 11' and 10'6" boards. they are all around boards that give you the option to maneuver quickly or just have an easy float on some awesome body of water. The board itself is solid and needs to be hauled in either the back of a truck or on a roof rack. the board, paddle, fin, leash, life jacket, and Invasive species permit all come with this rental. We use these boards primarily for our tours during the summer and for YOGA classes.